The Great Indian Kitchen (2021)

Review: The Great Indian Kitchen (2021)
Dir: Jeo Baby

‘The Great Indian Kitchen’ is a film for every boy or man who has not once even dared to wash a single spoon or underwear, relied on their sisters, mothers and wives to feed them as if it is their only job. It’s a slap that will not just leave a mark on the face but also contemplate one to mend their ways. It’s unabashedly and unapologetically honest.

Right at the beginning of ‘The Great Indian Kitchen’ director, Jeo Baby sets the tone of what we are going to be witness to over the next 100 minutes. A scene of a man who can’t even bother to brush his teeth unless the toothbrush and paste are handed to him by his wife. That’s how much a man is shown to be dependent on his wife.

What follows is a journey that practically is the sad reality in most Indian households. It is interesting that director Jeo Baby chooses not to have a name for his lead characters Suraj Venjaramoodu and Nimisha Sajayan who play the husband and the wife. Quite understandably because they aren’t just characters. They are one amongst us.

What’s commendable about ‘The Great Indian Kitchen’ is the utmost sensitivity with which Jeo Baby handles the theme. Every act or scene is got its own meaning and the film looks to break the regressive and patriarchy boundaries of a household.

For instance, in a scene where the couple is making love, the lady is continuously reminded of a clogged drainage pipe and the foul smell being emitted from it, so much that she keeps smelling her own hand. It is one of the most thought-provoking scenes in the film, and subtle way of positioning the mindset our society comes with – the clogged and conservative regressive mind.

The lack of a background score in the film makes the drama even more real and intimidating.

For anyone who believes ‘The Great Indian Kitchen’ is about the love for food and kitchen, you might be entirely mistaken. There is nothing great (for the women) in this kitchen.

From a society’s perspective, this one is an important film. It’s a slap that stings at the right place.

The Great Indian Kitchen’ directed by Jeo Baby is streaming on ‘Nee Stream’.

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