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  • Kala (2021)

    Kala (2021) Dir: Rohith V.S. “Selfishness is not living as one wishes to live. It is asking others to live as one wishes to live” – Oscar Wilde Kala, directed… Read More

  • Joji (2021)

    Joji (2021) Dir: Dileesh Pothan A dark screenplay, a melancholic background score, sleek edit and stunning visuals. This sums up Dileesh Pothan’s Joji to me. A metaphorical cum psychological take… Read More

  • Saajan Bakery Since 1962 (2021)

    Review: Saajan Bakery Since 1962 (2021) Dir: Arun Chandu Saajan Bakery Since 1962 directed by Arun Chandu and written by Aju Varghese, Arun Chandu and Sachin Chandran begins promisingly. The… Read More

  • Drishyam 2 (2021)

    Review: Drishyam 2 (2021) Dir: Jeetu Joeseph Drishyam 2, written and directed by Jeetu Joseph, begins six years after the first film. Georgekutty (played efficiently by a terrific Mohanlal) is… Read More