Kilometers and Kilometers (2021)

Review: Kilometers and Kilometers (2021)
Dir: Jeo Baby

Jeo Baby is currently all over the news for his highly-acclaimed film ‘The Great Indian Kitchen’. Although, I haven’t seen the film yet, let’s talk about his other directorial venture ‘Kilometers and Kilometers’ starring newcomer India Jarvis, Joju George, Sidhartha Siva and Tovino Thomas.

There is a certain charm that Tovino Thomas brings to every role he plays. And it’s a trait that is hard to ignore in all his films. And if ‘Kilometers and Kilometers’ is the film that it is, it is only because of the strong and innocent performance by Tovino Thomas as Josemon.

Josemon who has inherited a Bullet from his deceased father plans to sell it off to settle his family’s debts. But a chance to take Cathy (India Jarvis) on a road trip comes as an opportunity.

Like every other road-movie, this one’s well shot and edited. Music by Sushin Shyam and Sooraj S Kurup is refreshing. But what’s unsettling is the weak and predictable plot.

It succumbs to the cliches and a number of sequences which we have seen before. Nothing new. Even the ending seems a little rushed and predictable.

Yet, what makes this one a pleasant watch is Tovino’s performance as Josemon. Many scenes of his remind me of a certain role that R. Madhavan played in ‘Nala Damayanti’. It’s the same innocence and charm with which Tovino enacts his role.

Knowing English and yet pretending to not know the language, and speak is a huge challenge. But Tovino pulls this with ease. Some of his conversations with Cathy are absolutely endearing. Likewise, when Sunny (Sidhartha Siva) makes an appearance, those situations are heartwarming too.

It’s only because of these small snippets that ‘Kilometers and Kilometers’ stands tall. Watch it on a lazy-breezy weekend. This one’s a total one-man-show courtesy Tovino Thomas.

‘Kilometers and Kilometers’ is now streaming on Netflix.

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