Kala (2021)

Kala (2021)
Dir: Rohith V.S.

“Selfishness is not living as one wishes to live. It is asking others to live as one wishes to live” – Oscar Wilde

Kala, directed by Rohith V.S., is a gory, gruesome tale that looks at ego clashes, toxic masculinity, and caste conflicts. Starring Sumesh Moor and Tovino Thomas, this violent, blood-thirsty action thriller explores the many layers of complex human behaviour.

Kala is a film that scores a perfect ten in the technical department. Whether it is the rich cinematography by Akhil George, a haunting sound design and background score by Robin Kunjukutty and Dawn Vincent, or some sleek editing by Chaman Chakko, every frame is a technical masterpiece and yearns you wanting for more.

It is backed by an even powerful and layered story and screenplay. While the first half leaves you thinking about Shaji’s real intentions (Tovino Thomas in one of his best performances), it’s the second act that leaves you spellbound.

The action sequences are raw and rustic, the antagonist(or in this case, he is credited as the protagonist), played wonderfully by Sumesh Moor, gives tough competition to Shaji’s character.

Lal doesn’t get much scope in a film that’s dominated by Tovino and Sumesh Moor but shines in his part, and so does Divya Pillai.

I, personally, have become a fan of Sumesh Moor. There is a spark in that lad’s expressiveness that reminds me of the late Raghuvaran. He is a talent to watch for.

Kala isn’t an easy watch. The violence is brutal. Yet, it is a rich cinematic experience that leaves you thinking and wondering what is life sans the mind games.

Kala is streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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