A Billion Colour Story – A Film that Every Indian Must See

Dir: Padmakumar Narimhamurthy
Where to Watch: Netflix (Until 31st March 2021) / Disney+ Hotstar

Somewhere in the corner of a recommendation list on Netflix is a film poster in monochrome. It has the face of a young boy and goes by the title ‘A Billion Colour Story.’ Having made rounds across several film festivals, and winning accolades, Padmakumar Narsimhamurthy’s film released on Netflix.

I must admit this post is a tad too late to recommend as the film is available on the platform only till 31st March 2021. I hope that it is extended or re-acquired by Netflix in times to come. The film was always on my watchlist but it was not until a friend recommended me, citing the deadline, to watch this.

A Billion Colour Story has 120 minutes of monochrome-shot scenes, and it’s only in the last 20 minutes that the film heads into colour mode. Metaphorical or not, you decide. But colour, race and religion form an integral aspect of Padmakumar’s narrative.

The film unveils from the point of view of Hari Aziz ( played excellently by Dhruva Padmakumar, the director’s son), a curious twelve-year-old kid, whose interfaith parents have moved from Australia to India. However, the changing circumstances in the country often make Hari and his parents question their decision, especially with the situations they encounter.

A Billion Colour Story is a non-preachy commentary on India we are living in – today’s India, where tolerance and issues pertaining to religion have engulfed our minds and our homes.

A scene in the film rightly points out that, today, it is not about one colour or religion. It’s about the conflict the entire country and its people are facing. Tracing the fact that India has lost its poetry, the film makes a strong attempt to regain it as the screenplay progresses to a riveting climax that only leaves you teary-eyed and questioning the system.

Written, shot and beautifully directed by Padmakumar Narsimhamurthy, a former advertising filmmaker, A Billion Colour Story is an important film that speaks volumes with its subtle narrative.

Credit must also be given to Satish Kaushik for backing this film and bringing it to light. It’s quite an irony that one sees Kaushik playing a small role in the film of a producer who is sceptical of a subject like this. The sad reality of the industry comes alive with that one scene.

A Billion Colour Story is a film for every Indian. It slaps you on the face and makes you think. From the indie-cinema point of view, it’s a landmark film. Hope we have more powerful cinema like this and directors like Padmakumar Narsimhamurthy who continue to make films that leave you thinking.

Although the film is available until 31st March 2021 on Netflix, one can also watch it on Disney+ Hotstar.

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